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Bornholm is for everything on 2 wheels ......



Road driving on Bornholm - is almost like road driving on Mallorca ...! We do not have that many high mountains - but altitude meters - we do have!

Our cozy Bornholm Around of 103 km, must be experienced. Start your trip from the hotel - and end at the hotel after 103 km !!!



Mountain biking on Bornholm - yes, Hotel Skovly is the perfect place to stay overnight.

We have our own mountain bike trail "Skovly-trail", which starts and ends in our parking lot. A cozy blue cozy trail with a nice flow.
A few km away there are another 19 mountain bike trails.

Den Grønne Ring


Experience the gravel on our beautiful Bornholm - explore the beautiful harbors and almost get lost in the big forests.

The adventure starts - north to Hammerhus and all the heights - south to the lowlands Rønne and Arnager and west to the deep forests in Almindingen. We have it all. 



In our reception you can buy various light spare parts for your bike - as well as a little energy-tam-tam and candy for you!

You can also borrow our tool if you just need to fix something.

Cykelværksted 1.jpg


When you now choose to visit our lovely Hotel Skovly - and have chosen to take the bike with you (or choose to rent one ..), then you must have the best time on the pedals - and get the best out of your pedals.

We work with the best cycling guides - both on mtb and gravel.

Our cycling club BCC is also ready for a ride ...!



Et kaffestop kan være tiltrængt - kan være nødvendigt - og kan være svære at finde.....!

På vores vej rundt på vores cykelø, har vi fundet en del små og hyggelige kaffestop - kagestop og bagerstop. Vi har samlet de steder vi selv bruger på en liste, som du finder ved at trykke på linket.



Når du nu vælger at besøge vores dejlige Hotel Skovly - og har valgt at tage cyklen med (eller valgt at leje en..), så skal du have den bedste tid i pedalerne - og få det bedste udbytte af dine pedaler.

Vi samarbejder med de bedste cykelguider - både på mtb og gravel.

Vores cykelklub BCC er også frisk på en rundvisning...! 

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